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As the Wimbledon championship enters its second week. We compare our HIAB lorry with the British champion. Come on Andy!

1. Determination:

Murray has proven himself to be a strong-minded individual since winning Wimbledon in 2013, making him the first British winner since Fred Perry. Coming from semi-final losses Murray was resolute and determined in finally winning the competition after multiple attempts last year. Our HIAB lorry and accompanying crane operator have moved very expensive pieces of machinery through the most acute of angles. Such is the precision of our transport that we have moved a 1 tonne gearbox into a space where there were just 5 cm of free space on either side. Taking a day and half to get this piece of machinery in moving millimeters at a time, our team showed unrivalled determination.  


2. Top of class:

Andy Murray has been the top British player of his generation with no parallel since his emergence onto the global circuit, blitzing Tim Henman's achievements in a manner akin to his trademark ground strokes. Our HIAB lorry has been carefully and specifically designed to make it top of its class, with a 10 tonne front axle for peak weight distribution, It is the first vehicle in the UK to have this impressive feature and therefore top of its class.


3. Scottish ancestry:

Andy Murray was raised in the Dunblane area of Scotland. Did you know that George Elliott, our head of machinery and installations, was born inside the Scottish borders? His know how and 20 years of experience were relied on heavily when the brief was given to the engineering team who designed this specialist lorry. 


4. Energetic:

Andy Murray's tireless nature have allowed him to progress to the top of the men's game. Our team make countless trips to the continent and the fantastic fleet of Volvo lorries are engineered to perfection allowing us to travel 1000kms of all Europe and the UK every day. 


5. Adaptable:

Andy Murray has proven adaptable by switching coaches from Alex Corretja to Ivan Lendl to get the most out of his game. Extra gym work has allowed him to compete with the muscularity of Nadal, technique of Federer and agility of Djokovic. Our HIAB lorry allows a highly adaptable full service transport experience, picking up and installing to site with just one specialist team and piece of equipment. No need to hire anyone else!


6. Winning:

Andy Murray won the US Open in 2012 and Wimbledon in 2013. Every decision he’s made in his career has been vindicated. In an unparalleled golden era in men’s tennis, he’s proven a winner on and off the court. Similarly, our HIAB lorry has successfully transported millions of pounds of specialist loads and installed them safely in situ. We're really pleased that our teams are dedicated in their task and their record is unmatched in the UK.



Denby Transport operates a fleet of HIAB lorries. For more information on our HIAB lorry hire, please visit our dedicated page. Equally our machinery and installations page may also prove useful viewing. For further information feel free to fill in a quick contact form anywhere on the website or give us a ring! 

Image: Robbie Dale via Flickr 



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